Products and maintenance for steelworks plants

Our company offers three main kinds of services related to steelworks: construction from scratch, operations of revamping and maintenance. We aim to offer the decade-long experience of our qualified workers so as to ensure the efficiency of structures, infrastructures and industrial plants.


Flexibility is the key point at Vexa, in order to meet the deadlines previously agreed with the customer.


Our works

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According to the specific requests of the customer, our company carries out the different steps that are necessary for the making of the several parts of the plant.

During the study process of the graphic documents, Vexa takes care of  maintaining contacts with the customer, being available for any eventuality that may occur as well as for any request that may be made while the work is still ongoing.

Our workers invest their expertise in every aspect that the work requires, providing as well proof tests and non-destructing testing, pre-installation at workshop, arrangement of transport.

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In the field of steelworks this term indicates those operations of renewal or reconditioning applied to those parts that need to be modified because of either time-based deterioration, or damaging.

In this sector Vexa operates always at the customer's request, carrying out accurate proof tests at the workshop; those tests can start from a whole review of the component, or from the specific requests made by the customer. According to the needs demanded, Vexa carries on operations of reviewing, identification of those points in need of revamping, replacement or enhancement interventions on the damaged or deteriorated part. To complete the revamping operations, we carry out proof tests and non-destructive testing, with arrangement of transport.

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Working with our own equipment and with all the qualified workers, Vexa takes care of the operations of maintenance and installation at the plants, as previously established with the customer.

Those operations can take place both during the planned stops (usually in the summer and at Christmas time, when the production of plants stops), and during the extraordinary stops (at the specific request of the customer).

In this case our top priority is meeting the deadlines previously agreed with the customer.


Our company has the requirements to offer the following services: