Ethical code

A single document
to enclose the values
and the principles of the company
VEXA deems that, in order to provide quality services for steelworks and to shape innovative solutions in the field of infrastructure, it is necessary to act according to strong values. Our company’s Ethical Code mirrors the principles that VEXA chooses to embody every single day. These values inspire us at each moment of the design and execution of metal manufactured articles and of infrastructure works for construction sites, in Italy as well as in other countries.


Responsibility towards the development of the country

VEXA firmly believes in work as a value. Our company considers lawfulness, fairness and transparency as imperative preconditions to reach its economic, productive and social goals.
VEXA is well aware of how, thanks to its work and the right entrepreneurial spirit – which is based on a correct and fair competition – it contributes to the development of Italian economy. Our company is also fully aware of actively taking part in the civil growth of our country. 

VEXA believes that work has a tool function to increase the general wellbeing of a society. This vision generates the awareness of our role towards the territory, as well as towards local and national communities. VEXA is therefore proud of supporting those initiatives that are socially and culturally valuable.


Respect and safeguard
of the environment

VEXA’s commitment towards the environment is first of all embodied by our dutiful respect of the national and Community environmental legislation. Aware of the specific nature of the sectors where and with which we operate, our company takes care to prevent the spreading of pollution. At the same time, VEXA constantly commits itself to the sensibilisation of its employees and collaborators for what concerns the importance and the state of awareness about all that is related to the environmental topics.


Resources development

VEXA devotes great attention to its personnel, right from the growth of their skills. Those who work at our company know that they can count on dedicated informative and training tools.

VEXA has also identified the root of its development in the professional commitment of people. It is no secret that the company allocates consistent resources for the creation of a working environment that values the potential and the contribution of the individual. A daily context that prefers teamwork over a hierarchical structure.


Safety of people

When you put people first, it implies the safeguard of the dignity, safety, health and privacy of every individual. VEXA condemns every form of discrimination, especially when it is based on gender, ethnic group, political opinions and religious beliefs. Instead, our company promotes integration as a form of collective enrichment and it also ensures the protection of the rights and liberties of workers.


VEXA spreads and consolidates a culture of safety at the workplace. The company develops awareness about the risks and promotes the adoption of responsible behaviours by the whole personnel.

Our Ethical Code