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Realizzazione a progetto


officine VEXA


Agosto-Settembre 2021

Carpenteria metallica

Realizzazione a progetto

officine VEXA

Agosto-Settembre 2021

VEXA works at the making of plant components for steelworks. As we often like to remind, working with a steelwork plant first of all means to develop a trust relationship. A connection that VEXA Technical Department and Workshop consolidate over time, enhancing the collaboration with our purchasers.

August is a pivotal month for steelworks in Italy and abroad. As every year, our specialised workers are operating on the plant maintenance required during the scheduled shutdowns. Beside theshutdowns at the steelwork plants, VEXA keeps on working also on the construction of the pieces, which takes place at our Workshop in Gianico (Brescia, ITALY).

At the beginning of August, our Technical Department went back to the drawings of the CONNECTING CAR WAGON
, products that we had already made between January and February 2021. The purchaser had requested a new steelwork production order based on the same design that had been implemented by VEXA at the beginning of the year.

But this time there was an important difference. The two pieces (which where the focus of two separate articles on this website) needed some further steps compared to the previous making process. The customer asked that both the installation and the testing were executed directly at VEXA Workshop.

For the construction of the two pieces, we then started from the design already provided by the steelwork plant at the beginning of 2021. Based on the projects of the previous working and on the drawings developed at our Technical Offices, we meticulously made the most out of the experience gained during the construction of the two pieces. An experience that was backed by the trust Commentato [SS1]: Link alla pagina in inglese relationship which VEXA always prioritises in every project, from metal framing works to special equipment and steelworks.

The CONNECTING CAR WAGON, combined with the COUNTERWEIGHT and the engine that goes with them, weighs over 70 tons. The system is based on the exchange between the plant components and it is used to stoke the steelwork casting furnace with iron material.
To build the wagon (which is 9 tons heavy, 1 meter high, 4 meters large and 4.4 meters long), we proceeded with working on IPE500 and HEB500 beams. The beams were chamfered, rounded and assembled to shape the structure of the piece and then welded together. So assembled, the beams made the frame of the wagon, to which we welded also the metal sheets. For the anchoring of the wheels and of the thrust cylinder, we drilled the piece.

To build the counterweight (which balances the engine and which itself is more than 25 tons heavy) we instead started from the metal sheets (15-50 mm width). VEXA workforce chamfered and welded them (where required) with full penetration. During the working, the counterweight underwent several stress factors. Therefore, VEXA put into place the Post Welding Treatment. This is a stressrelieving treatment that works with the electric current and that it is important to realign metal fibres after the welding.

Working on the pieces also entailed NDT (non-destructive) checks. In order to execute these testing, as well as for the mechanical working of the components, VEXA relied on field experts.

Both the wagon and the counterweight underwent a painting and a finishing phase. The preassembly of the two pieces was carried out by placing the components in a perfectly horizontal position, installing wheels, flasks, pedestal, carter, protections and using tie-rods. Once the installation of the structure was completed, we could proceed with the necessary verifications to assure the correct functioning of the mechanism. After the positive test results, VEXA organised the exceptional transport of the components to the customer’s steelwork plant.

VEXA’s commitment in providing specific services for steelworks is growing. Our Technical Department and our Workshop in Gianico are working more and more on the ex novo construction of new components for steelwork plants. We produce pieces that have been never made before, and also (as in this case) when we have to repeat the construction of the same component introducing new requests coming from the purchaser.

Beside the construction of components for steelwork plants, VEXA also takes care of the maintenance operations (in scheduled shutdowns and during extraordinary shutdowns). Our technical staff also provide revamping services for those plant components that need to be renewed. For further information on our offer for steelworks, quotations and consultancy: info@vexasrl.it.