16 June 2023


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officine VEXA


estate 2022

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Realizzazione a progetto

officine VEXA

estate 2022

VEXA for steelworks

The construction of components for steelworks fume suction ducts is one of the services that VEXA offers to production plants. Our company is available to answer several needs of the metallurgic sector. The ducts for the suction of those fumes produced by steel processing systems represent an essential part metallurgy plants. For this reason, it is fundamental that they work correctly and that, when needed, it is possible to intervene by replacing those components that are worn out.

In the specific case of the components for steelworks fume suction ducts that we are dealing with in this article, the plant needed to be remade from scratch. The“ex novo construction” entails the making of the pieces starting from the client’s drawings, perfectioning them with the measurements taken on the worn-out part. Ex novo construction, revamping and maintenance operations (both in planned and in extraordinary plant shutdowns) represent the heart of VEXA’s offer to steelworks.

The components for steelworks fume suction ducts that you can seen in the video and in the pictures below make a Fixed Elbow T1 with a mobile Sliding Sleeve. This is the first part of a fume suction duct. Thanks to a water circuit, the elbow lowers the heat of the fumes coming from the steel processing. The components that here were requested by the steelwork plant had to be able to endure extremely high temperatures, resisting to an also high risk of wear. It actually was the wear that had damaged the previous components up to the pointthat they couldn’t be used anymore. The client had therefore contacted VEXA, asking for the ex novo construction of the components for his steelworks fume suction ducts.

The making of the components for steelworks fume suction ducts

To make these new components for steelworks fume suction ducts, VEXATechnical Department based the work on the project handed over by the client, integrating it with what measured during the surveys. Our specialised personnel then proceeded with:
• a further elaboration of the projects,
• the making of all the drawings
that were necessary to the construction step. They included the plates, cut and bending lists. The drawings were then passed to our Workshop for the actual construction phase.

The cooling circuit is made of 76.1 Ø pipes, with a thickness of 8mm. The making followed these steps:
• the bending of tubes,
• the making of the four walls of the cooling circuit (made of tubes, elbows and cupels),
• the making of templates for the correct combination of the piece,
• the adding of elbows and cupels (with water-tight, full penetration, butt welding on the tubes),
• the welding of the outer walls (between tube and tube), so as to eliminate potential interspaces and assure the complete closure,
• the making of the 2 manifolds with connector function of all the walls to only one entry point and only one exit point of the circuit,
• the finishing of the elbow with the adding of plates that were stiffened to allow a correct installation of the whole piece. 

The construction of the components for steelworks fume suction ducts ended with a 6-hour long hydrostatic testing at a constant pressure of 16bar. Once the test was efficiently passed, the components were then officially ready to be shipped to the client. Given the considerable size of the elbow, VEXA organised an exceptional transport up to the steelwork plant that needed the replacement.

A complete service for steelworks plants

As mentioned above, the Fixed Elbow T1 represents the first part of the cooling fumes circuit. This means it goes right at the exit of the IV Hole Elbow (Curva IV Foro). To compensate the gap between the IV Hole Elbow and the Fixed Elbow, it is necessary to add a further component: the mobile Sliding Sleeve (canotto mobile). The sleeve is made of a bundle of Ø76.1 tubes with 8mm thickness and of 2 flasks in Ø168.3 tube with 6.3mm of thickness. VEXA completed the components supply by making and shipping to plant also the sleeve.

To make these components for steelworks fume suction ducts, VEXA put in place its long experience in the metalworkin sector. Always in the field of steelworks, we have recently accomplished also other works, among which there are:
the revamping of a portion of cooling cage,
the making of a cooling take off,
the overhauling of a cooling volt.

For ex novo making, revamping or plant maintenance, VEXA is always available for Italian and abroad steelworks. Our Technical Department in Valle Camonica (Brescia, Italy) will be glad to provide consultancy and quotations on every kind of intervention: info@vexasrl.it