16 June 2023


Dettagli del progetto
Realizzazione a progetto
officine VEXA
Luglio-Agosto 2020
Carpenteria metallica
Realizzazione a progetto
officine VEXA
Luglio-Agosto 2020

VEXA also takes care of the construction of special equipment. Based on the specific needs of our customer, we have recently made a balance for a production plant. This is a one-of-a-kind piece, which was tailormade to simplify the movement operations of large-sized components. This balance’s capacity load is of a good 130 tons.
We started from the design given us by our customer, which served as a basis to develop all the material-cut drawings with the suitable machining allowances, the cut lists and the workshop constructive drawings. The complete balance piece is made of:
• 2 hangers (one single and the other double), composed of suitably shaped metal sheets, with a 50mm width;
• 1 main beam, composed of a 1.3m x 6m plate, with a 120mm width;
• 2 gripping systems, each of them composed of two arms in special S690 steel metal sheet (140mm width), stiffeners and joints always in metal sheet (50mm width and 100mm x 100mm tubulars);
• 2 stalls, made of 100mm x 100mm tubular and metal sheets with a 20mm width.
The first step in the construction of this balance was to cut all the plates, including the machine allowances. The following step was to assemble all the pieces for the machining, welding the different parts. At this point it was possible to get on with the machining operations (drillings, millings, adjustments, pivots, nylon and copper protections).
We then executed the dimensional controls and also the tests on welds (visual and magnetic-particle checks). All components underwent a sandblasting and a following painting, always in compliance with the instructions received by our customer. At the end, the balance was assembled at our workshop. In order to do this, we proceeded with the single hanger system on the main beam and then with the installation of the nylon and copper protections on the gripping systems. VEXA then took care of the shipment procedures to the customer.