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Luglio 2020

Carpenteria metallica

Realizzazione a progetto

officine VEXA

Luglio 2020

Functional solutions for railway tunnels

VEXA offers different functional solutions for railway tunnels, like our templates to install precast elements falseworks. This is just one example of how we work in this field. VEXA Innovative Solutions Department builds special equipment of every size and shape. Every project takes into account the specific needs of the construction site and / or of the production plant. The templates that are featured in this article were for a railway tunnel construction site in Cefalù, Palermo (Italy).

Just as for metal framing works, a template is a pattern. When we make one, we build a shape with a very precise outline, which is used to assembly the different components following a preestablished figure. In this case, the templates made by VEXA were needed for the preparation of the metallic falseworks of a railway tunnel.

The precast elements employed to make tunnels (for railways and of other kinds) are reinforced concrete blocks. In order to make them, we first build the formworks where the falseworks are lain and then cast the reinforced concrete. The templates built by VEXA are called “dime per montare le armature dei conci”, templates to install precast elements falseworks, because they are needed to make the cages of the elements, which are composed of reinforcement bars.

The construction of the templates to install the precast elements falseworks

VEXA took care of the construction of the templates to install the precast elements falseworks starting from the information given us by our purchaser. The customer’s designer had defined dimensions and shapes to build the steel templates. Once we received the instructions, VEXA Technical Department developed the shape of the template, by employing a drawing software. Usually, as for our metal framing work orders, our designers prefer using the design software Telka Structures. This tool has considerable advantages also regarding the work speed. Instead, for these templates, we chose to use AutoCAD Mechanical. For this specific work order, this other software made it possible to further speed up the works. Compared to the standard version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mechanical allows to work 3D. For the correct outcome of this metal structure, it was fundamental to make sure that we respected the reinforcement covers and the connections to place the couplings.
VEXA Workshop personnel then proceeded with the preparation of the material, putting into place the different components as in the drawings. At this point, it was possible to weld. As already mentioned in other articles of our Case History, VEXA prefers to weld directly at its workshop, where the environment is more under control and there are fewer risks. Once the components were welded, the templates to install the precast elements falseworks were then shipped to the construction site.

In order to proceed with the laying of the falseworks, the templates will then be bolted, always following the assembly drawings by VEXA.
In order to better understand the functionality of these templates, it is crucial to have in mind that a TBM-bored gallery is supported by plain concrete rings. We are here referring to 7 rings, each of which has its own shape features. For what instead concerns the dimensions of the precast elements, they depend on the diameter of the gallery. It is good to remind that tunnels usually have standard sizes, since they depend on the TBM or on the mole. Nevertheless, it is also true that there are different typologies of them.

VEXA experience in the construction of special equipment

VEXA personnel have gained a decades-long experience in the construction of special equipment. Although in the Case History on our website we give more space to Steelworks and Metal Framing works, this doesn’t mean that our Innovative Solutions Department is not operative. Special Equipment world is under constant evolution. It therefore requires a great innovation capacity and adaptation to the context. Every work order represents a unique opportunity to gain precious experience.
Making these templates to install precast elements falseworks for a railway tunnel required a special care in respecting the project measures. A special care that was evident in our Designers and 3 Workshop Technical Personnel who worked on the metal templates. On the whole, their commitment speeded up the works execution. This was possible mainly because of
• the speed of the drawings development,
• the speed of the construction process,
• the previous experience on the field in making similar templates.
VEXA is always available to develop special equipment, like the templates to install precast elements falseworks. Our highly qualified team can be reached for consultancy and quotations at this email address: info@vexasrl.it.