16 June 2023


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Realizzazione a progetto


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Carpenteria metallica

Realizzazione a progetto

officine VEXA


Metal structures surrounded by nature

Working in the metal framing sector also means to be ready to create unusual works, just like metal structures for tree houses, small houses on trees. As a matter of fact, metal framing is a truly versatile sector, a field where VEXA has developed long experience. In the case of the construction of metal structures for tree houses, we can use the term medium metal framing. This word choice depends on the dimensions of the works and also on the level of commitment that is required to develop the project, as well as to implement and install it.

In this case we wish to tell a wonderful project, which is the outcome of a successful collaboration that led to the construction of metal structures surrounded by nature. VEXA received the drawings from the project designer, proposed some modifications and developed the construction drawings. In order to optimise the timing and significantly reduce the margin of error, we exploited the functions of the technical design software Tekla Structures. Every step was carefully taken within the framework of the successful collaboration with the other construction companies involved on the site. Working with a good method is crucial when we aim at creating structures for the tourist sector. Especially when we are dealing with metal structures for tree houses.

Given the nature of this work and the applied procedures, here we can really say we are talking about innovation. This is a true case where metal framing serves design architecture, by achieving metal structures that are surrounded by nature. Opposite to what one may think, the metal working industry is also useful to create green works. Then what project better embodies life in nature if not a design accommodation hanging among the branches like a real tree house? This particular structure built by VEXA hosts a bedroom right among the vineyards between Langhe and Monferrato. A fairy tale location.

The project and the metal framing structures

The project we started from was by all means creative, the wonderful outcome of elevated architectural skills. The samerequired geometry was special. Which is why it was from the beginning necessary to put high attention first in the designand then also in the construction steps. For instance, working on these metal structures for tree houses, we needed to build tube columns that included some plates designed to link the floor frame. But the floor had to follow an irregular pattern, with a specific outline and it then had to include some drillings, each one very different from the others.

Therefore, the functionality of metal framing had to meet a great attention in respecting the spirit of the work. A work that had to be minimal in design, elegant and well-matched with the vineyard. Right as a sort of a mini lodge for the harmonious contemplation for the landscape. A structure that is raised, hanging at about 4 meters from the ground, to which it is connected with a winding access bridge. Or, to be more precise, with an entire bridge system that creates a path first leading to a panoramic viewpoint on the vineyards and then to the tree house. Together, the structures of the bridges, as for the concept and pattern, remind of a grapevine shoot that departs from the plant to support the bunch of grapes. A work that, just for the intention of communion with the surrounding nature and for the touristic purpose of the location, had to be made with precision and care.

As a matter of fact, what made this project so special on the operational level, were the peculiarity of the idea and the final outcome. VEXA took care of the making process, at its workshops in Valle Camonica, of the support works of the pedestrian access bridge and of the main metal structure on which the wooden room lies. Our company also took care of installing the works, which took place in only one step with 3 designated people. Once the installation of the metal structures for the tree house was completed, VEXA’s work was over. We then handed the baton to the firm that covered the metal structure in wood, always in due time as according to the construction site timetable.

Metal structures for tree houses

As mentioned above, in order to build good metal structures for tree houses, it is important to have firm technical andcoordination skills. In this section we’ll see the details of the two typologies of products that we made and installed for this house on the trees in Piemonte. We’re here referring to the main structure and the access bridges.

The main structure of the tree house

For what concerns the main metal structure of the tree house, it was necessary to recreate the effect of a building that gracefully fluctuates, something that is well-lifted above the ground. This tree house lies on 3 pilotis, also made by our company. Basically, the tree house is supported by 3 groups of pillars, each made of 3 tubes with a diameter of 159×5. Every group is welded to a basis plate and, on the top, every pillar has another plate to get linked to the upper frame. Thanks to the conformation and the special painting, the pilotis remind of tree trunks, thus perfectly camouflaging in nature and increasing the feeling a structure that is hanging.

The access bridge to the tree house

The shoot-bunch access system described above is actually made of a single bridge. That one is composed of a wooden structure lying on a set of metal portals. The portals are at their time made of 2 tube pillars with a diameter of 114.3×4 . The pillars were made at VEXA workshops in Valle Camonica, built with the correct grade for the installation and, for support, they are linked to the basis plate. Moreover, on the top of the pillars, we welded some beams in HEA120. For the main metal structure of the house, as for the metal bridges, we organised a normal transport to the construction site.

VEXA and the metal framing sector

The operations of construction and installation on site of design projects require great attention and a good amount of competence. Since its establishment, VEXA has been working in the metal framing sector. We have given life to different works that, for their typology, aim, difficulty and size, we got used to subdivide into light, heavy and special metal framing, as you can find in our brochure.

As for these metal structures for tree houses, VEXA is available to build ad hoc designed works for every kind of project. Corten bridges, residential buildings, cantilever roofs, industrial sheds and steel houses are just some examples. For consultancy and quotations on metal framing projects of industrial structures, both private and public, our people are always available at info@vexasrl.it. Of this specific case, at a time when it was still ongoing, we had already written on social media.

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