16 June 2023


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Realizzazione a progetto


officine VEXA


Ottobre-Novembre 2021

Carpenteria metallica

Realizzazione a progetto

officine VEXA

Ottobre-Novembre 2021

The construction of components for steelworks

VEXA makes components for steelwork plants. One of our customer steelworks needed a second cooling cage, twin to the one we had made a few months earlier. Our Technical Department, together with VEXA Workshops worked at the construction of this steelwork component.
For VEXA, this steelwork production order represented a significant point in the customer relationship. Our company deems it very important to enhance the confidence bond with the purchaser. Thanks to the skills that our qualified personnel have gained over the years in the steel sector, we can fulfil this kind of production orders. At the same time, it is also thanks to the confidence bond with the customer, that VEXA – whose first steps were in the field of metal framing works – is aiming at growing in the field of services for steelworks.

Two cooling cages for one steelwork plant

Previously, VEXA had already had a chance to make components for this customer steelwork. Specifically, it was in June 2021 that we had made a first cooling cage. The purchaser had been in charge of the piece design. The collaboration was based on the agreement that the steelwork required the construction of twin cooling cages.

Before proceeding with the effective execution of the second cooling cage, VEXA Technical Department discussed the specific requirements with the customer. From this meeting it came to light the need to slightly review the initial project. Taking account of these adjustments, the construction process was anyway very similar to the one put into place for the first cooling cage. Our workshops could then act faster, because of the previous experience and of the construction drawings that were already at their disposal.

The construction of the cooling cage

As for the construction of the first cooling cage, VEXA carried out the making of this twin component by following these steps:
• calendering of the tubes that compose the cage (of the collector and of the cooling panels),
• assembly of the parts,
• tight welding of the components,
• testing operations,
• painting of the piece.
The cooling cage is composed of a metal structure made of one single water collector for temperature-reduction. The collector is composed of a circuit, which is made of tubes and tubulars for the circulation of the cooling liquid. VEXA Workshop personnel started from the calendering, so as to shape the metal skeleton of the cooling cage.

The assembly of the metal structure

Once the tubes and the tubulars were calendered, VEXA personnel went on with assembling the metal components. Considering the remarkable dimensions of the cooling cage, at our Workshop in Gianico (Brescia) we proceeded with the marking. We first marked the metal sheets, which were lain on the ground, with the references of the piece. By doing this, we then met no difficulties in the assembling phase, since we could precisely follow the drawings.

At the same time of the metal structure assembly, our Workshop personnel took care of making the cooling panels. These panels were going to be used to cover the metal skeleton. Once the assembly was complete, we then proceeded with the actual construction of the collector.

The welding and the metal framing work steps

The collector itself embodies the skeleton of the cooling cage. To make it, once we had accomplished the assembly of the different metal components, we moved forward to the welding of the parts. This step of the making of this steelwork artifact required special attention. Its watertight seal was pivotal in the correct functioning of the cooling cage.
When the metal components of the cooling circuit were welded together, VEXA Workshops carried out the metal framing operations. The cooling cage was completed by applying all the connections necessary to fasten the panels. A delicate construction step, since it required the highest level of care in defining the exact position of every connection. At this point, it was possible to achieve the fastening of the previously built cooling panels by securing the cage with a welding intervention.

The testing, painting and delivering of the cooling cage

Once we installed the panels, the cooling cage needed a careful testing operation. Check tests showed that the collector was functioning correctly and that it was ready for the next step: the painting. The cooling cage had to undergo a whole painting cycle. VEXA went ahead with the sandblasting and then passed to the finishing with heat-resistant paint.

The steelwork plant was then complete and, as for its twin cooling cage previously made, it needed special attention during transport. The cage had considerable dimensions, reaching almost 7 m in diameter and 1.5 m in height. As for its twin piece, also in this case we proceeded with cutting the artifact in 2 halves. The two parts were then suitable for transit, which VEXA managed as an exceptional transport. The new cooling cage then arrived at the customer’s production plant.

VEXA has gained consistent experience in the field of services to steelworks. Our specialised personnel are available for ex novo constructions, revamping of pieces, maintenance operations. We work with steelworks all over Italy and abroad. For further inquiries: info@vexasrl.it