Our Company

Metal Framing for Industrial Structures
and Special Equipments

The history of our company is rooted in the long and deep experience of those people who embody its pillars; thanks to the technical, management and commercial competences previously gained in the field, in 2015 we decided to join forces and create something new. A few workers, a production unit of 6oo square meters and three managers... this is how we started! From the very beginning, we chose to aim at developing a sturdy internal structure and a team that could take good care of orders of light and heavy metal framing for the civil and industrial sectors.


We wanted to dream big and, with a fair amount of determination, we succeeded in establishing ourselves in this field, progressively broadening our horisons to the sectors of special equipments and of services for steelworks. 2019 was our turning point in terms of production and staff growth, two aspects that led us to a new work organisation and the opening of a production unit of 1,000 square meters.



In 2020 we finally released TULK, our Vitruvian Rig! This is the outcome of that mix between experience and know-how that allows us to stand out. We firmly persist in aiming at doing what no one has done before, to confirm that Vexa's approach remains a step ahead. Always.


Automatic rig for bypass between tunnels


Our company has the requirements to offer the following services: