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Working on metal framing, developing special equipments, providing services for steelworks


The story of VEXA stems from the decades-long experience of a group of highly qualified people. Thanks to our wide range of technical, management and commercial expertise gained on the field, in 2015 we decided to join forces and create a close-knit team. This was the beginning of a dynamic and innovation-driven new company.


A handful of workers, a production unit of almost 600 square meters and three managers: this is how we started. Since our first step, we have been aiming at developing a sturdy internal structure and a committed team that can manage orders of light and heavy metal framing for civil and industrial contexts, in a fast and passionate way.


Determination brought us to consolidate our position in the sector, progressively broadening horizons towards the fields of special equipment, services for steelworks, maintenance and the construction of plant components.


2019 marked a turning point, since it saw a consistent increase in our production and in the number of people involved, thus encouraging us to re-organise our work. We started thinking in the direction of larger spaces and of staff members who are always in for further education and professional growth.


In 2020 we finally released TULK, our Vitruvian Rig! This is the outcome of that mix between experience and know-how that allows us to stand out. The TULK system is effective and cutting-edge in significantly reducing costs and times in the excavation of bypass tunnels, safeguarding the safety of the personnel on the construction site.


The year 2021 saw VEXA growing also in terms of production units, that can now rely on an overall extension of almost 3,000 square meters. While enlarging the working surface, we chose to invest in tools and machines like the competitive plasma cutting system.


VEXA is determined to propose always new solutions, starting from the specific needs of our customers and ensuring the fast execution of works. Day after day, order after order, we still aim at the ambitious goal of confirming ourselves a step ahead. Always.

Automatic rig for bypass between tunnels


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